Join the Curve

If you wish to be involved with our events, fundraising, volunteering or to simply offer your support.

How Do I Join?

Join might not be the right word for you or maybe it is.

There are multiple ways to join the curve and they all have a varying degree of involvement.

A. The first step would be to follow us on Social Media. You might not realise it, but this really does support us, your likes and comments do help us more than you could know.

B. Subscribe to our YouTube page. Every subscriber and like we get on our videos makes a huge difference to us.

C. Donations, you can make a one off donation or pledge to donate every month. Your kindness is so appreciated.

D. Fill in the form below and sign up to be a Volunteer. This could be for future events online or onsite, or it could be to get involved in any sporting or challenge events that we might run in the future.
A volunteer takes many forms to feel that you might be interested then drop us a line.

E. Be part of our Curve Community Group. This is our closed support group on Facebook. We encourage people to come together – both professionals and those seeking advice or help. See link below for further info and access.

Contact Us

You can contact us by emailing on or use the contact form, we’d love to hear from you.

Charity Number 1176935